Five Useful Tips When Choosing A Denver Charity

PARK RIDGE, IL - DECEMBER 20: A donation is made into Salvation Army bell ringer Juanita Brown's red Holiday donation kettle December 20, 2005 in Park Ridge, Illinois. Since 1865, the Salvation Army has been helping the needy and every year close to 33 million people in the U.S. receive help from the Salvation Army. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Are you currently searching online for a charity that you can work with? You may have finally decided that it is time to start giving back to the community. You may have been a longtime resident in Denver for decades, or perhaps you just moved into the area. It’s hard to know if a charity is legitimate unless you actually do the research. It is so important to verify this before you give anything to these organizations. This is how you can find reputable charities in the Denver area that will be more than happy to take what you have to give.

How Do You Verify Their Legitimacy?

Verifying that a company is legitimate is a simple matter of checking five separate things. First, Search for Charities Online, and then you will see on Google feedback that they have actually received. Second, if it is possible, check the Better Business Bureau to see if they are a real organization. Third, ask friends and family if they have donated to a charity before in Denver. It might be one of the ones that you are currently looking at. Fourth, you need to look on business websites like Yelp to see if people are talking about them there as well. Finally, you need to pick up the phone and just ask them questions. They may actually give you additional information to verify that they are legitimate business.

Giving Money And Other Items

After verifying several of the charities, can decide to give them money, clothing, furniture, or even vehicles. There are different charities for each type of gift that you can give. You can also give to some of the largest ones that may not be in the area. If your goal is to provide people in Denver with items and money, then definitely choose a local charity. You will then be able to call them up on the phone to provide them with the payment, or drive down to their location with the merchandise that you are giving away.

This is really an easy way to verify the authenticity of charities that are in Denver that you can work with when you are trying to help people in the community. If you have had a very good life, you might want to help others do the same. Find a charity today that you can work with so that you can contribute.

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