It was vintage Robert De Niro at Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day

Robert De Niro is a man of good deeds, but few words at Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day.

You talkin’ to me?

It was vintage Robert De Niro at the Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day when we asked the Oscar winning actor — a man of few words — which charity he was there to represent.

“Well it’s a well-known charity since 9/11,” he said. “I’m honored to be asked. It’s a very small thing that I can do. A tribute.”

When reporters followed up by asking the “Raging Bull” star why, specifically, he was on the floor at the charity event, he added: “To be here. Thank you.”

And that was that.

Bobby D did release a statement Monday to the Daily News in which he vowed to “rebuild what nature has taken away” in Barbuda, where Hurricane Irma caused horrible devastation last week. De Niro is in the process of building a resort on the island.

And according to Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day press releases, he was on hand Monday representing the FDNY Foundation.

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